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Lexi Placourakis

Mother, Role Model, Social Media Guru

Lexi Placourakis, is a 26 year old single mother and model originally from Kailua, Hawaii, who now resides in Scottsdale Arizona. Lexi studied business communication at ASU and is now Head of the Social Media Department ...

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Konstance Davis

Wife, Mentor, Survivor

Konstance Davis is the Outreach Director for the Where Hope Lives program and has been with the Phoenix Dream Center for 2 years. She has made it her life’s work to rescue young women from ...

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Sheree Hartwell

Mom, Model, Fashion Mogul

Sheree Hartwell is a lifelong Arizona resident and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Fashion Merchandising and Advertising from Northern Arizona University. She has been the owner of the FORD/Robert Black Model and ...

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Mary Staley Smith

Mother, Cancer Survivor, Military Wife

Mary & Jason have been married since 1996 and will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this December. Jason served for 4 years in the 1st Ranger Battalion, with tours in such exotic places as Germany, Panama and ...

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Elvira Espinoza

Mother, Award-Winning Journalist, Latin Trailblazer

Elvira was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and raised in Mexico City. In her native country, she worked for national publications such as Novedades, the weekly Claudia, Revista de Revistas and Revista de America. ...

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