Women's Day Holiday

Nominated stories

Mary Corona


Mary Corona our mother who is 75 years strong should be recognized for her strength as a woman as a single mother of three a grandmother of 13 great grandmother of 13. As a divorced mother she worked 3 ...

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Olga Echeverri Botero

Mother, Grandmother, Wife

Olga Echeverri Botero Olga was born in Medellin Colombia, She holds her degree in Business Administration And in her country she worked for over 20 years In the Republic of Colombia holding several jobs in the ...

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By: nbm63
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Martha Mellott


My mom has worked all her life, she has 4 beautiful children. we all love her and respect her. Mom has always been there for all of us. she loves us unconditionally. she also has grand ...

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Konstance Davis

Wife, Mentor, Survivor

Konstance Davis is the Outreach Director for the Where Hope Lives program and has been with the Phoenix Dream Center for 2 years. She has made it her life’s work to rescue young women from ...

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By: ewatters
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Alice Watters


My Mother-in-law has been there to help with the kids since day one. My husband and I sometimes work odd hours and she is always willing to sleep over whenever we will be getting home ...

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Sheree Hartwell

Mom, Model, Fashion Mogul

Sheree Hartwell is a lifelong Arizona resident and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Fashion Merchandising and Advertising from Northern Arizona University. She has been the owner of the FORD/Robert Black Model and ...

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