Women's Day Holiday
By: charlotte-roberts-fortier
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Patricia Propper

Spiritual Mentor and Blessed Friend

I was twenty seven years old and married to a drug addict. My life had become one of hopelessness, anger and fear as I realized I could not continue living like this. I had returned ...

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By: kaytedid
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Sherri Lynn Colvin-Connite


My daughter is the most amazing woman I know. She has tremendous faith in humanity, and, love for her fellow humans. She works very hard as a waitress, even though she has arthritis because the ...

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By: julaworrell
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Judy Johnson


Judy heads the cancer resource center that does every thing for free for cancer patients. From wigs,bras,hats,mastectomy items,medical needs,She is outstanding for this community.

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By: flores1029
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Clara Lawson


My mother is everything to me, she is a 2 time cancer surviver and is a fighter, loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone. My mom was first diagnosed with Colin cancer and ...

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By: trishhaggard
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Emma Virginia Morton


She has always been a strong woman. She celebrated her 98th birthday February 11, 2017. She has gotten more frail these past few years, but she keeps her head up and seems to enjoy herself. When her ...

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By: laura-nicole-peruzzi
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I met her in high school, is truly amazing she is a mother to six childern a wonderful house wife, she doesn't let anything bring her down she is very strong she is one of ...

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By: kristen-clayton
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My mother is the best women I love her so much she is my friend and my dad she would do anything for you.

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By: kim-meisner
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Barbara Freeman


My Love, My Life, My Story is simple. Barbara Freeman is not only my Mom but my Best Friend. I have learned so much from her that money just can't buy. The love of a ...

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