My mother is such an amazing women. I admire her and everything she does. I am 16 years old and when I saw this add on t.v I thought” I want to nominate my special mom on women’s day” shes helpful, loving, funny, kind, an amazing friend, and wife. She doesn’t work. she stays home. but she is always trying to find a way to help a neighbor, or do yard sales to help my dad out with bills. She encourages us to not give up in school or in anything we dream in. she volunteers at school fundraisers, school activities and in any other event she can. I love her sooo much. shes always there when I need a girl to talk too. shes my mom, my best friend in the entire world! she pushes up to keep going! I could go on and on on how amazing she is. She is always joyful, planting flowers in the front yard, decorating the house, baking, doing arts & crafts with us. she loves taking pictures. capturing every special and funny moment. For my mom to receive flowers on Women’s Day would mean alot to her. It would put an even brighter smile on her face.