An Amazing women from the Mid West Audrey raised Six children. Three boys and three girls. They all grew to be respected members of the community and dearly loved their parents. She went to the mission field of Honduras Central American after the age of 40 with her husband and two youngest children who were in their final years of High School. She worked long hard days helping the very poor and sick,, teaching in a high school, and feeding the hungry of that country, which is the second poorest country in this Hemisphere. One day and young crippled girl was found in the field by the children in the area and brought the attention to Audrey and her husband Johnn. When they learned this girl was put there to die by her parents, they took her in and cleaned her up bringing her to the United States for several surgeries to straighten her legs and bring her back to health. They eventually adopted her as their seventh child. Audrey has outlived two husbands. Her second husband passing only three months ago. She raised 7 children and helped many from an impoverished country and has survived the poorest of conditions still pouring her heart out to give to those around her.. She is an amazing woman who deserves this award and many more.