At the beginning of December 2104, my 13 year old niece Amanda was kicked in the right eye by a horse. She had to have major surgery reconstructing her sinus cavity and mesh to hold her skull together. She was also put into a halo as her neck was broken. My sister has done so much to keep it all together. Candace moved her family into the city to be close to the hospital and doctors. Candace has taken Amanda three days a week to physical therapy as well as her other doctor’s appointments. I cannot give my sister, Candace, the justice she deserves as I am not a writer. My niece Amanda had the halo removed on February 12, 2015. Just a week later, my sister was taking Amanda home after an appointment when a car turned in front of them causing an accident. There was a policeman who witnessed it and the other driver was cited. Amanda’s air bag did not deploy which probably saved her because of the neck weakness. Candace’s airbag did deploy causing a lot of bruising and a couple or cracked ribs. They are both okay, just sore. Candace is not only paying medical bills, she is now having to find the way to pay for another vehicle. I cannot imagine enduring as much as she has and she is keeping it together. Candace is one of the strongest women I know. I love you Candace.

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  1. Brad Denham says:

    God bless Candace and Amanda. They are both beautiful strong women! Happy Women’s Day!