I would like to nominate my wife Carol Hampton as she is the most wonderful woman that I know and she loves giving to her kids and family. My wife is a foster mother that has adopted 5 kids and she currently foster another baby that is 4 months old. That makes 6 kids in our family. She also takes care of my brother’s 2 kids during the week who are ages 4 and 9. This makes for a very full and wonderful house. We recently had our house flooded by and we have to stay in a hotel. It was supposed to be a 2-3 week process but it will not take at least 3 months to get it all fixed. This has caused tremendous stress on my wife but she has taken it in stride. She has had her stress level go up 100 times as we have had to keep 6 kids in a hotel with 2 rooms. She has continued to express the love of a mother and make sure that each child is well taken care of despite the circumstances. She continues to show her great love for her kids by making sure they are at school on time and that they are well taken care of. The hotel is 15 miles away from where we live so she has to get kids from age 4 months up to age 18 to school at three different times during the day. She has to make sure that they get picked up as well. She really deserves a gold medal for all that she has done and all that she does on a daily basis to sacrifice for her husband and her kids. She is the ultimate mother and represents all that a woman should be. I am happy to call her my wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I hope that she can be honored and shown the love that she desperately deserves by being nominated as one of the most special women that exists.