My mother is everything to me, she is a 2 time cancer surviver and is a fighter, loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone. My mom was first diagnosed with Colin cancer and after battling that a1 and a half later she was diagnosed with liver cancer. At the same time she was dealing with her husband being sick and in and out of the Hospital. It was one year ago that my mom was diagnosed with liver cancer and lost her husband to congestive heart failure. It was a very hard time for everyone but especially my mom. She had to still do Chemo after she had 75% of liver removed, and after she did Chemo she is a 2 time cancer free patient. It’s still hard for my mom as she has to go back every month for tests and blood drawn. I want to nominate my mother Clara Lawson, the loving, caring, a fighter, hard working, mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, and great grandmother and all the love that she has showed us growing up. My mother is one heck of a fighter and deserves the world. I love my mother with all my heart, she is kind, patient, warm, loving, and would do anything for you.
Thank you for this chance to nominate my mother and for her to be recognized for the warm hearted mother she is..❤