I would like to nominate Dee Sanson for her loving care & selfless dedication, not only to a dying friend, but to all of his family & friends. Words alone cannot convey the enormous act of loving kindness Dee exhibited. My boyfriends brother was diagnosed with end stage congestive heart failure. There was nothing more the doctors could do other than to recommend hospice. We did not want him to spend what little time he had left in a hospital type environment. His own home was definitely not an option for multiple reasons, our home also was not a realistic option because space was very limited.  Dee was one of his closest friends. She had known him for years. She willingly & selflessly offered to let him stay at her home, even knowing it would likely be where he took his last breath. The caring & compassion wasn’t limited to just him, it spilled over to his family & friends. Her home had a revolving door of people pouring in & out round the clock. Not only did she open up her home to us all, she opened up her heart. It was such a gift she gave us by allowing James to find peace, surrounded by the people who loved him the most. We were told he had 2-3 days to live when he left the hospital. But we were blessed with a whole month before he passed. She made it possible for him to live whatever time he had left, as normal as possible. He went shopping, planted a flower garden, built a model rocket, even worked on his truck. It wasn’t always easy. The rollercoaster ride of bad days & good days would have been too much for most people. I have no doubt Dee’s selfless act of love is nothing short of angelic. She is truly an Angel & our family will forever be grateful to her for all she has done & continues to do for us.

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  1. Deebratt says:

    Thank you Deb.