I would like to nominate my mother, Rosa Moore, to receive flowers. As a young woman, my mother developed breast cancer when I was 3 and my sister was 6. At that time no one spoke of cancer, or how it ravaged a woman’s body. Because in 1960, there were no reconstructive surgeries or support groups to cheer on cancer patients or survivors. My mother is a very faithful person, and through her faith and courage, despite doctors not wanting to operate due to the extent the cancer had spread, survived. She was a stay at home mom and baked, sewed, and always gave of herself to our family. Thank God the cancer never returned. About 8 years ago, my mother had a stroke. She didn’t call anyone until about 7 hours later, and thank God she still has her wits about her and is able to be mobile, despite weakness on her right side. It is certainly a miracle that my mother has survived all these things and still loves life so much. I love my mother so much and I hate to think of what my life would have been without her. I nominate my mom to receive flowers because she loves them and I know this would brighten her day. Thank you :)