Jamie’s story isn’t unlike others, shes a hard, dedicated worker. A proactive friend that’s always there before you know you need her. A loving and protective mother that teachers her daughter’s to love themselves and never be afraid to just be the wonderful amazing people that they are. As a sister she always got a funny story or a consoling heart when dealing with family issues. She works around the clock taking care of everyone else never giving it a second thought. She’s the first to donate her time, or possessions to someone in need. Even when tragedy strikes her, she always tries to find the silver lining and is the first to forgive. Jamie is my hero because even though she may not realize it she touches lives where ever she goes and with whomever she meets. Her warm, kind smile lights up the world no matter what your situation is. Myself and others aspire to be as gentle and strong as Jamie. I want to nominate Jamie and recognize her for all of her hard work and dedication to everything she does.