My aunt, Jill Winn, is more of a mother to me than an aunt. She has always been there, not only for me, but for all of her family. Jill is the mother of 2 girls, and has 4 grandchildren. However, she has taken on the roll of my mom and my childrens’ Nana as well. Jill works full time at a local school district but you would never know it with how much extra time she puts into her family. Just recently my grandmother, her mother in law, was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Not a day went by that Jill was not there by my grandmothers side – after putting in a full day of work. Everyone comes before her. She will always do for her family before she even thinks about herself. This last month has been very draining and stressful for my aunt. She has not complained once and I love her very much for everything she does! She is the best EVER!