Katharine is a wife and a mother of five children living in Ayer, Massachusetts. Being a certified school teacher has given her the desire and the ability to home school her children. As most mothers do, she has struggled with the personal debate of home schooling instead of having a job outside the home. Since it is her desire to put her family first, she has developed a natural born talent of writing and has published four books. The latest of these books is a daily words of encouragement and helpful suggestions for beginning authors. Her weekly blog uplifts and
encourages many women across the country.

Personally, Katherine not only writes and teaches, she has taught her children that has prepared them for future education and for life. She takes active part in her local church, she helps in the education classes there, she constantly developing ideas and crafts that will enhance the education process. She has learned to be content with life on a daily basis and puts her faith in God to progress where He sees fit. She came from a middle-income family and has to be efficient with any resource available. She bakes home-made bread daily for her family, does dozens of loads of laundry daily, finds time to write for the benefit of others, constantly working on the next publication, deals with children from grade school age to college age.

She doesn’t complain about what she doesn’t have but is very grateful for what she has.

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