My Precious daughter has shown me so much love. I have had a debilitating illness for years that requires me to need assistance. However, over the past year; I developed more health challenges that required me needing more care. Katrina has placed a bed in her living room for me because I wasn’t able to climb stairs. She brings all my needed items down for me. She drives me to my appointments, does my shopping, prepares my meals, and the list goes on. She does all of this with a full time job as a professor; and a single parent of an active seven year old son who is involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. She often works from home when she needs to be with me. She is often seen with her laptop in hospital rooms, doctor offices, etc.; performing her work duties. God has blessed me with a wonderful daughter! I have been living in her home for ten years since my late husband, her dad; passed. Over the years, Katrina has made numerous sacrifices for me. She also did a lot for her daddy and he simply adored her endlessly! So, on today, and everyday; I thank and praise God for my wonderful daughter. We love one another unconditionally!!!