Konstance Davis is the Outreach Director for the Where Hope Lives program and has been with the Phoenix Dream Center for 2 years. She has made it her life’s work to rescue young women from a life of sexual exploitation and trafficking by offering them love and acceptance.

Phoenix Dream Center is a haven and a beacon for victims of human trafficking, giving them a safe place to sleep, nourishing food to eat and most importantly, showing them that God loves them and they are worthy of His love. The center offers many other services that these women need to put their lives back together, including job skills, housing assistance and medical and psychological treatment and support.

Konstance knows all too well what life on the streets and living with an addiction is like. She is a recovering addict herself and understands firsthand the challenges these women face. Konstance refers to her work as a “calling” “God’s calling” for her to serve him by helping these women find peace and hope for a brighter future. Seeing such despair and hopelessness can take its toll on Konstance emotionally, but her faith in God sustains her and pushes her to stay the course and be there for these women in need.

There are also many bright spots in her work, many, many success stories of young women who came to her broken and through God’s will and the efforts of her & her team, are able to give them back their lives and watch them blossom and thrive. One such success story is a young lady who recently graduated from the program. She went from answering the phones in the office to becoming a “House Mom” to other young women at the Center. And now is ready to begin her new life out in the world, not broken but whole. According to Konstance, that is why she does what she does.

Konstance has even more to be happy about as she has just recently gotten married to the love of her life!