I met her in high school, is truly amazing she is a mother to six childern a wonderful house wife, she doesn’t let anything bring her down she is very strong she is one of the strongest women I know she has been through so much the last couple years she helped me get custody of my three childern who were in a really bad home one of the kids was eating from the trash the other was bout dead and the baby was over weight having trouble breathing cause she was so big Laura stepped right in started taken care of these kids the Dr’s the kids workers love her for her amazing job she has done in these kids life , people look at her like a hero and r like u r truly amazing mom to take on 6 kids we don’t know how u do it she is amazing the kids love her unconditionally I love her unconditionally for loving childern that’s not hers by blood but opening her heart and her home up to taken them in and help me get custody of them we have had them going on 3 years now one of the kids has some health issue but she holds her head high and dose what’s truly best for them ….. I love u Laura Nicole I repect what u have done for me and my childern