Robin Andrews, Stacy Doyle Wing, Penny Doyle, Shaleen Doyle, Sharmane Bice, Michelle Marie, Jennifer & Gayle, & Lee…this group of woman are a God Send to me. Robin has Bible Study at her home every Monday Night. I am on SSI disability and am struggling to survive. They have blessed me with a new winter coat, hat and scarf when I didn’t have one or the finances to get one. They have helped me out financially for gas, my medications, my rent when I was short on having the full amount, and household items. They were there for me when I had a stroke at a bible study, they came out the hospital with me, stayed until I was admitted and in my room and came and visited while I was in there. They are here for me if I need someone to vent to, cry with, we laugh, and they are my mentors. They are truly a Blessing to have as friends and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful and loving group of women. Love you all very much.