Lexi Placourakis, is a 26 year old single mother and model originally from Kailua, Hawaii, who now resides in Scottsdale Arizona. Lexi studied business communication at ASU and is now Head of the Social Media Department at Code Red-I Mobile App Development Studio. When not being tackled by her 2 1/2 year old son Jaxson, she dedicates her time to inspiring other women. Recently, Lexi was asked to be the Key Note Speaker at this year’s annual Women’s Conference being held in Yuma, focusing on hard hitting issues including domestic violence, sexual abuse and body image.

Lexi has been a plus size model for 7 years. She quickly learned firsthand that the modeling world was fraught with contradictions and mixed messages about a woman’s size and what is considered desirable in today’s society. After undertaking a year-long fitness and nutrition regiment, she found that in many cases she was not given modeling jobs because she was not “plus size enough,” and yet still not considered a traditional size model either. Frustrated with the status quo, Lexi took to social media and began entering various contests often sponsored by plus size focused companies. Through those connections, she was able to obtain clients like Hips and Curves and Sorella Swim, as well as landing a swimsuit spread for Plus Model Magazine. Chronicling her journey on Facebook quickly grew her organic fan base to over 200,000 followers, proving her message of unconditional self-love resonates with many people in the social media world. Lexi says she has tried to use her modest platform and her real life examples to get the word out about self-confidence and feeling happy, healthy and sexy, no matter what size you are.

Recently, Lexi started a social media campaign called Shooting for Confidence, a photo submission contest in which the winners appear in a professional shoot with Lexi. The response was overwhelming, with over 400 submissions. She is now planning to hold similar contests throughout the country.

When not shooting in front of the camera, Lexi can be found spending quality time with the two “men” in her life, 2 1/2 year old son Jaxson and her two year old Great Dane, Bruno. “Being an inspiration to women and mothers is more than rewarding for me! I don’t want my son and future children to be brought up in world where beauty is defined by a certain size, shape, or color.”

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    Love this story!

  2. What an inspiring story!

  3. Love this thank you so much! Flattered to be among such inspiring, beautiful women!

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    Way to go Lexi Placourakis!!