Hi, my name is Jim Boyd and I would like to nominate a very special woman in my life. For the past three months, Lynne has to sacrifice her living conditions, and being with her Boyfriend to care for others. Lynne has been miles away from me since Christmas. She is currently taken care of her Mother who had a stroke and other health issues. Her mother can not get around Groceries, doctors visits and everyday errands. She is also taking care of her brother who also has a stroke. She makes sure he is taking his meds, transporting to doctors and therapy. She is also doing all of this while she, herself is not in great physically condition. She has had multi stents placement (heart), fibermialogy, and chronic pain although her body. She is also very concern for my health and welfare. I try hard to not let her worry about myself. I want to do this, so she knows how important she is in my life.