I’d like to nominate both my older sister, Laura Little & my twin sister, Mary Shelly. This isn’t a story of sadness, (though devastating) but one of strength & perseverance! We lost are parents at a very early age, Mary (pregnant with her 1st of 6) & I, were 16 & Laura was 25, with 2 children & one on the way. Thankfully, we along with our brother, 14 at the time, were able to stay together, without each other, I don’t believe we could’ve made it. My sisters’ were & continue to be my strength & positivity, my best friends & with 9 kids between the both of them, I am absolutely grateful for the love, support & time they find for me! They are everything to me & have never failed to be there for me.. without them, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today! I think your site is great & “winners of the flowers” or not, I appreciate the opportunity to put it out there just how lucky I am to have such a great & loving bond with my sisters, so I thank you for that! I, truly am blessed & cannot stress that enough! ♡♡