I’d like to nominate my mother, Monique, for Women’s Day. Growing up, my mom didn’t have all of the resources available for other moms. She did a lot of things by herself, including going to school and raising two kids at the time in the home. I may not understand that time in her life as well as I could, but I know sometimes things were hard for her doing it alone. She has raised 4 daughters in such a way that we are all strong, confident young women who have big dreams and even bigger personalities. My sisters and I have never wanted for love, support, or a home. Monique has taught each of us the importance of being someone that people respect, not for what we do but for who we are. She has also taught us to make physically and emotionally healthy choices. My mom has achieved many of her own life goals, and as the eldest of the four I am motivated by what she has done to get out of bed every morning and make a name for myself. I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for my mother, who played many other roles in my life that weren’t able to be filled by another. Her parenting might not be conventional, but my sisters and I are proof that the tried and true way isn’t the only way to succeed

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  1. Brad Denham says:

    Great story and great picture! Happy Women’s Day!