Olga Echeverri Botero

Olga was born in Medellin Colombia,

She holds her degree in Business Administration And in her country she worked for over 20 years In the Republic of Colombia holding several jobs in the government.
The Banker, Postal, Social Security, and the last as an Assistant in Congress, Under the direction of the President Uribe.

Her life long journey was very hard as a young widow, giving all she had to raise her 3 children. Working 7 days a week for 15 years, teaching them the importance of education in life…. To set your goals and work hard to live your dreams.

Today Olga’s goals and dreams have been fulfilled, her son ( Doctor of Nuclear Medicine ), daughters ( Electrical Engineer and BA Communications ).

After seeing her children starting there lives and family’s ( all 3 married within 30 days ). Olga also remarried, making it 4 weddings in the same 30 days!!!

Olga married a American and now lives in Arizona, working with her husband, enjoying her new life as mother, grandmother, wife.

She is full of Love for anyone that comes into her life, and is looking forward to more time to share her Love and build new memories with all of the 20 + Grandchildren and Great Grandchild, that’s in the now combined FAMILY…

Olga’s says, ” The Heart has no limits for LOVE “

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  1. Brad Denham says:

    Love this picture!

    1. Texbluejeans says:

      Languages has no barriers for LOVE!!!