I was twenty seven years old and married to a drug addict. My life had become one of hopelessness, anger and fear as I realized I could not continue living like this. I had returned to church, had a dramatic encounter with the Lord, and through Trinity Bible Church, I was given Patricia Propper. This godly woman came to my aid, embraced my family, met with me weekly to help me understand God, and stayed with me as I walked through the difficult journey of tough love.
Her faith in God helped me to navigate through the confrontation with my husband, and strengthened me to stand for change in my marriage. She was also going through her own difficulties at this time, but never failed to be there when I needed that support and love. She moved away from the state in which we both lived and I lost contact with her.
A few years ago I found her on Facebook, and though she now lives in Oregon and I in Arizona, we still share that precious bond that women have who have faced the fire and came forth with the blessing. My husband is a pastor now, and I give thanks to God for this woman who helped me see the grace of God even in the most dire circumstances. She will always be a treasure from God to my soul.