For being your daughter, I’m extremely proud. 
To love you dearly, forever I’ve vowed.
Together we’ve laughed, together we’ve grown. 
Your voice warms my heart, each time on the phone.
Countless lessons of life, from you I have learned. 
No matter my age, you’re always concerned.
You’re not just my mother, but also best friend. 
When we go shopping, we know where to spend.
Words can’t fully describe, how I truly feel. 
The bond that we share, is a very big deal.You have nurtured and cared, since the day of my birth. 
I feel like the luckiest, daughter on earth. To say that you’re wonderful, is just not enough. 
You’re absolutely amazing, both beautiful and tough.
I couldn’t have asked, for a better mother than you. 
I’ll love you forever, that shall always be true.You are a special lady, that places others ahead. Always worked tirelessly, to provide me with shelter and read. You’ve always encouraged me,to reach for the stars. Taught meq the importance, of brushing off scars.I enjoy talking with you, laughing and spending time. When we are apart, it feels like a crime.For everything you have done, and all that you do, I’m fortunate and lucky, to have a mother like you