I met Stacey back in July of last year, Stacey had just found out she had breast cancer and was taking care of her two boys of which one is a special needs, and prior to that she was going through a divorce when her ex was killed in a motorcycle accident .
We began talking and learning a little about each other. About that time Stacey began her Chemo treatments and taking care of her 2 boys. I would text her every morning and evening asking how she was doing and if she needed any help weather it was cleaning, yard work or making dinner for her and the boys or if she needed me to take her for treatments. She insisted that she didn’t need any help, I went over there one Saturday morning and spent about 3 hours pulling weeds and cleaning up the yard. Our friendship began to grow stronger. Stacey would invite me over for dinner occasionally or to go out with her and the kids and hang out. Then one Saturday morning I had stopped by and was playing with the boys and the youngest said I have a secret to tell you, so I leaned over and he said are you going to marry my mom? I began laughing and Stacey asked me what did he say? I told her it was a secret and I couldn’t tell her, but after a few minutes later her son had told her and we were both laughing. During this time Stacey was still going through her chemo treatments, she didn’t have much energy or drive to do much since her body was fighting the cancer. Stacey finished her chemo treatment, and taking care of her boys and was doing amazing, I didn’t know of a stronger woman that could kick cancers butt while raising two boys, and one that was special needs. Stacey had invited me over on a Sunday in November and we had made dinner and were watching tv and playing with the boys. It was around 7:30 when Stacey decided to put the boys to bed and we just hung out holding hands and cuddling with a little kissing, since then we have began dating. Here is a little of what Stacey does in a day, she gets up at 6:30, gets the boys and herself ready for school and work, feeds them breakfast and then drops them off at her ex in-laws, she then drives to work until 12:30 when she grabs a little lunch then goes to radiation, then drives to pickup her youngest and then runs home to meet her oldest who will be getting off the bus. Then I sit down with the boys and do homework while she makes dinner. All that and if she has a Dr.’s appointment she fits that into her schedule. She does get some help from her ex’s in-laws and myself but normally does all that by herself. She is the most amazing person that has kicked cancers ass while raising 2 boys and starting a relationship. I never thought I would meet someone as special as Stacey. That’s why I guess we have fallen in love and want to nominate her as the special woman. Stacey is more than special she is amazing, beautiful, strong, good hearted, funny and very determined. I guess that’s why I love her and the boys so much.

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  1. Brad Denham says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story of strength and love! Stacey is awesome!