I’ve looked at some of the amazing stories here..and they are lovely.
My sister has the looks of a Hollywood starlet and the heart and soul of a saint. I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. How do I know? Well…when our mother was killed by a repeat DUI offender, we stood together and decided we had to forgive. Itbso for the the forgiver-not as much for the receipient-we’ve discovered. She helped establish the Victim Impact Panel in 2 counties in NC to help curtail those caught for drinking and driving..we worked at this hard..it involved meetings with the governors “people”.
Several years later, she had her first child. And she was complete. She has balanced career and family-selflessly. I have no idea how she does it. I do it and I’m exhausted. She keeps the bar high-so mine is as well. When my ex-husband left the boys and I 3 years ago, who was coming over to check on her “big sister”. Yes, that would be the little sister. And we are both gentle in spirit, but I am convinced she is my angel in skin. She commands respect when she walks in a room -with a quiet strength and she just shines.
Other children were jealous when their younger siblings were born-never once was I. She just has “it” and she shares “it” with everyone she encounters.
When our Dad passed-again too early -there was my amazing sister the voice of reason and hope. This picture is how she has looked at me out entire life-our relationship in one photograph. The “are you kidding me? No…not a good idea.” Or,”I just don’t know what to do with you.” I teach middle school..and so, no, somedays she proabably doesn’t:-) She’s not just my person ..she a lot of people’s” “person”.