My Mother has Always been the “ROCK” in our Family! She has sacrificed so much over the years to give our family all the love and support we needed.To this day she continues to be there for everyone . She is so selfless, and puts us all before herself. She has worked any hours of the day in her 32 year career to be there for us. She has also been the Best Mother I could have asked for. She has a beautiful way of touching others and she is loved by everyone who comes into her life. On January 6, 2010 my Mother suffered a major Heart attack. The Dr.s told us if we had waited 5 more minutes to call 911 she wouldn’t be with us today. God had put me in the situation where I was there that night to see my mom in so much pain and looking very helpless, I was there to call 911! She tells me to this day I am her angel….. But I believe it’s the other way around, My Mom is MY angel!
MY Mom has the Best attitude to this day and is MY inspiration for sure! She got a second chance at life , and for that I feel she deserves to be nominated and celebrated for Womans day 2015! I Love you MOM!!!!!!