I can’t think of a more deserving person to nominate than my dear friend Teri Little. Never have I known a kinder, or more caring person. Her loving kindness is felt beyond just family & friends. It is also felt by all the people she meets working for Hospice Family Care. I’ve always witnessed that part of her caring & compassion as an outsider until the world came crashing down. My boyfriends brother was diagnosed with end stage congestive heart failure. There was nothing more the doctors could do & hospice was recommended. We immediately phoned Teri & instantly she sprang into action going above & beyond to make things as easy on us as she could in such a tragic situation. This one was personal for her, not only was he her friend, her husband grew up with him & they had been the best of friends. Even having that personal connection to the patient & his family & friends, she remained strong for us all. The love & compassion she exhibited, dealing with every aspect of his care, can only be described as angelic. Sadly, her own father, who had been very sick, passed away during this time. But even her own tragedy did not stop her from continuing to be there for us. We were told he had 2-3 days to live when he left the hospital. But we were blessed with a whole month before he passed. I have no doubt Teri’s selfless dedication & loving compassion helped make that possible. She is truly an Angel & I am blessed to know her.