I’d like to nominate my hero: my daughter Tiara who is a wonderful daughter who takes very good care of her mother (ME)who is not in the best of health. She is an excellent new mother with the happiest baby girl who just turned a year old and is caring, nurturing and loving to her godson she is raising and she was a full time college student and full time employed while also training in the National Guard. She is now in Utah for military training because she has already received her orders and will be deployed to Afghanistan this June. She’s a strong, motivated and goal oriented individual who, no matter what always finds time to do special things for her family. She has even welcomed her spouses youngest sister and brother into our home where they have now resided for over 2 years. She has the biggest heart I have ever seen and is the most generous person I know. Some people get to meet their hero – I raised mine! No mother could ever be more proud of the beautiful young woman she has grown into and we’ll miss her dearly when she goes to serve her country but she’ll be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers every single day and I respect and appreciate all that she does.