My mother is 56 years old and has been caring for her younger brother who is handicapped. About 13 years ago, he was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that left him helpless for life. My mother took him into her home to care for him 24/7. She has to diaper him, shower him, lift him, feed him and all around care for him. He cant speak, move or even talk. Now this takes a special person to have their freedom taken away. About two years ago they moved here to Arizona and made the move with him. My mother also cares for my grandparents who are both 80 years old, but still able to do things for themselves. She is always taking care of others and doesnt focus on herself. My mother is my best friend, hero and angel in my eyes and my family’s. She is the rock that will never be cracked or pushed over, but the least I can do is ask for flowers to make her day a little brighter. She stays at home with my father day in and day out, she doesnt have the freedom to come and go as myself and alot of others do. This women is the most caring, loving, passionate person I know and I am so proud to call her MY mother. I look up to her everyday wishing I will be as strong as her. She puts a smile on everyone’s face with her warm heart and passionate hugs. Please give my mother these flowers to know that we do care and shes always on our minds and in our hearts. I love you mom, my friend, my hero for life!!!! Mom is in white shirt.. :)

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  1. Brad Denham says:

    Words can’t describe the dedication and love your mother shows! She deserves to be honored not just for Women’s Day but for everyday!

    1. SHORTYMUNSTER says:

      thank you so much. that means a lot to myself and our family. She really is the rock and heart of our family.