When I think of the woman that has made the most impact on not only my life, but every other life she encounters, Wendi is the one. Being the most selfless person on the planet comes natural to her. From taking people into her home that need a little help, to fostering and loving sick and abused animals back to health, then finding them a home….is just the beginning. Wendi has made it her mission to help everyone and everything live a happier and healthier life. She donates her time to host baby showers for expecting mothers that do not have anyone to throw them a baby shower, or cannot afford any needed baby items.

Being a full-time employee, mother of 4 and stepmother of 2, she still creates time to spread hope, love and joy to everyone she can! She is simply amazing.

Everyday Wendi wakes up, she makes at least 1 persons day better in a very important way! This is why I would love to nominate and honor her for the good that she does! Thank you Wendi for being such an amazing woman in all of our lives!